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The Inkjet Books

by John Gibbens

This series of pamphlets started in 2002, continuing the self-publishing enterprise that began with Man’s Laughter / Simples in 1999 (which was also the year of The Children’s debut CD release, Play).

The first two inkjet books were Aliens and Intimations, taking the opportunity the new technology offered of producing illustrated books cheaply. These were old texts, from the late Seventies or early Eighties. The next two in the series were newly written, Four Creatures and Pictures of Birds, in 2004.

Now, there are more than two dozen of these titles. Altogether (along with a few other works too large to appear like this) they constitute a new Collected Poems, and they’re grouped below under the headings of that future book.

Forthcoming titles


The Gun Site
A Norwood allotment pastoral
The Entertainers
2nd edition

Twelve poems of the sawdust and the boards, illustrated with linocuts
Not Sleeping But Dreaming
A cinema sequence of 13 poems and linoprints, a sequel to The Entertainers


Biblical sci-fi fairytale
A dreamtime voluntary
The Improvised Version,
Volume 1

Poems about musicians, from Albert Ayler and the Beatles to the band in your local pub
The Improvised Version,
Volume 2

Poems about musicians, from Lol Coxhill and Jimmie Rodgers to the buskers on the corner
Seven instruments speaking: alto, double bass, electric guitar, drums, piano, tenor, trombone
Picture Word Book
Two sequences of visual poems, From The Picture Word Book and Quercy Sonnets
A set of concrete sonnets


Makings ’77-’83
Earlier poems recollected
Makings ’84-’88
Further earlier poems recollected
Makings ’89-’91
Final earlier poems recollected


A Wild Inhabitation

A Wild Inhabitation
Down from the hills of the north into the city on the plain
Eye City
A sequence seen from EC1
Twenty-one sonnets and three short lyrics – “Unlet passion / In the old fashion”
The Smell of Thyme
“… fresh thyme / speaks of the future”
Small but true


You & I
Portraits from life, of the living and the dead
One Life
A sequence of moments, from the grave to the cradle and back


Ballads & Histories

Zeus’s Camera
Romances unrhymed and rhymed, and other formal poems
Three Histories
Comprising: Blue Lion, Originals, The Astronaut Adrift


The Ghost Path

Church of Thorns
Religious poems and poems about religion
Becoming Light
Weddings, funerals, wars and christenings – poems from time to time
Pieces of water, including the Voyage of the Conger, and an elegy for a goldfish called Elvis


The Promise
a Comedy of Eros

The Promise
Act One –
Pictures of Birds
Seven women: Wren, Heron, Swallow, Robin, Wild Goose, Tern and Sparrow
Four Creatures
Hare, Hind, Hedgehog & Vixen: magic, modesty, wisdom & courage
Further Sonnets

London Bride



Sand of the Thames
London through the lens of its river
Falling Down
Further leaves of a city life


London Bride itself is a longer unpublished poem, part of which can be downloaded here as a pdf.


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