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For the Christening of Lewis Ryan Thompson

The big one says:
I break a mountain and build a lake,
I make enemies and defeat them.
My name is Strong-in-the-Arm:
None but me might push the earth around.

The clever ones say:
We divide and describe the oceans,
We take to the air and claim the moon.
It is we, Wit and Wisdom,
Have the key to the music of stars.

The rich one says:
I gather together all good things,
Both force and beauty serve in my house.
My name is Great Possession:
I provide our world with its pivot.

The little one says:
I have no strength but the strength to cry
And my only knowledge is a need.
Not even the thought of mine is mine,
For I am Love, the baby,
Whose weakness is above all power.

John Gibbens
from Becoming Light, published 10th June 2006

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